Wagner - the quality blacksmith

Working at the highest level is what moves us. It is our big vision and at the same time the mission we are following. So we are always looking for ideas on how we can improve. Because good craftsmanship begins in the head and lives from the right tools. The right team ensures that everything goes smoothly. To your and our satisfaction.

Wagner Zerspanungstechnik is a promise to our customers:

Quality - precision - innovation - reliability! That is the way we go every day!

  • Lutz Riemann, CEO Wagner Zerspanungstechnik

Wagner Zerspanungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a powerful and innovative system supplier for processed products made of steel, cast steel, gray cast aluminum and stainless steel.

The family company, which was certified in accordance with DIN 9001: 2015 and was founded in 1962, currently has 15 employees.

We supply ready-to-install, precise milled and turned parts and assemblies, primarily for hydraulic applications and general mechanical engineering.

We are specialists in producing hydraulic and fluid components.

Corporate Policy

Our basic goals

  • We want to maintain and further improve our image as a quality supplier.
  • Our delivery quality guarantees economic success and is therefore an important part of our corporate strategy.
  • Our customers come first and their satisfaction is the constant goal of our daily business.
  • As a supplier of complex machined steel and cast iron products, we see it as our task to continuously improve the high quality standard that we have and to achieve a positive economic result through efficient structures.
  • We work together to consolidate and further increase the value of the company.
  • Concrete quality goals are the basis of the excellent classification by our customers.
  • This quality policy enables us to improve our key figures sustainably.

Our Code of Conduct

  • Our suppliers are an important part of our success.
  • We strive to work in partnership with all suppliers.
  • With our suppliers and partners, we create optimal synergies for our customers and the sustained positive development of business relationships.
  • Our employees are part of the success.
  • We take care of our employees, occupational safety and health protection and thus promote the resulting employee satisfaction.
  • We conserve resources and the environment and work on the certification of our environmental management according to DIN ISO 14001. Basic concept of company management Flat hierarchies are the basis of an overall efficient organization.
  • A line organization optimized for our needs strengthens the resulting advantages and minimizes the disadvantages arising from larger organizational forms. We live a transparent and open management style with objective and in the interest of all target agreements.
  • Our planning and control systems in the form of analyzes reliably guarantee optimal process execution and target achievement